Mind-Body Medicine Program

Hekademos Foundation offers a restorative and comprehensive program for people whose lives have been touched by an illness, like cancer, blending therapy based on the healing power of Nature with concepts, tools and techniques based on cognitive behavioral therapy.
The program supports people in the treatments they are already following – offering an additional treatment – and is helpful at any time: before and after treatment as well as in finding balance after healing.
The program is open to all individuals who want to learn about mind-body medicine and who have a desire to apply the work to themselves. Although most of the scientific underpinnings of the work we do is based on research with people who have dealt with cancer, and the Hekademos staff ís experienced in working with people with a cancer diagnosis, our program can be beneficial for people with other health issues. And through our work with support people we do know 'all of us' can benefit form mind-body medicine. The purpose of this work is to create a healthy state of mind in order to better deal with physical and life challenges.
The Hekademos programs are based on ancient knowledge and current scientific research. The focus is on learning self-help tools that create more happiness and decrease emotional or physical pain. One learns how to think healthier, feel better and connect to our inner nature and with the nature that surrounds us.
Our program is an intervention program and therefore aims to increase survival time. The program is designed to impact quality of life, boost your immune system, make you feel better/cope better and recover faster, while learning how to deal with stresses in life and how to resolve emotions like guilt, fear or anger. A guiding principle is how to decrease pain and increase happiness. Healing does not always mean the body gets well or recurrence can be prevented. The program includes learning how to deal with recurrence and how to create peace of mind around death and dying. This in order to live one's life to the fullest today and to enhance quality of death as well.
We strongly advise you to bring a support person to the program. If you have a partner we do hope your husband or wife can join you in this week. Otherwise bringing a parent, son/daughter or friend is recommended. By bringing a support person you will be assured to have someone in your life who shared the week with you and thus shares your frame of reference in this work. We know how helpful this can be in implementing all you will have learned in your daily life at home. If you attend alone however, we will pay attention to your support network at home.
The Hekademos Mind-Body retreat programs take place at different locations in The Netherlands/Belgium, South Africa, and Arizona. Wherever we deliver our programs, locations will be in or close to nature since we aim to enable you to find, restore and develop your personal inner connection with Nature. As Hippocrates, father of Western medicine, pointed at the value of understanding the connectedness between the healing power of nature surrounding us and the healing power of the nature residing within us: we consider Nature a co-teacher in our programs.
The program is a 5½ day residential program and includes lectures, assignments, exercises in working groups, and one-to-one consultations..
We start on day 1 with an afternoon or evening program. On day 2, 3, 4 and 5 the morning program is from 9 till 12 and 14.30 till 17.30 the latest. The program ends on day 6 at 11.00.
Groups are small to ensure personal attention; we intend to limit the number of participants to 14. If a session is full we can put you on the waiting list so you can attend in case of a cancellation. If there is no cancellation we will give you preference by securing your place at the next session.
We do offer after-care to the participants in our programs – in person or by Skype - which is provided by our teaching staff and by certified Hekademos Practitioners.
The programs are facilitated by Barbara de Beukelaar as senior teacher. Guest teachers and facilitators may be invited to our programs. Since staff may be training others in the Hekademos Mind-Body Medicine program we may ask trainees to sit in or lead a working group.