For more information about our open programs, our tailor-made programs for profit and non-profit or health care organisations, or about individual counselling please give us a call or contact us at:

We can provide contact information of certified Hekademos practitioners in The Netherlands, United States as well as South Africa. Please feel free to inquire if we can be of any help; we will be pleased to be of service to you!

Stichting Hekademos/Hekademos Foundation:
Kortenhoefsedijk 130
1241 LW Kortenhoef
the Netherlands

Contact in NL:

Barbara de Beukelaar -
+ 31 (0) 654 77 38 95

Skype: barbaradebeukelaar 

Contact in SA:

Louise Cruickshank –
+ 27 (0) 72 3122 556