Uniting Mind-Body Retreat Program
a comprehensive journey to increased health and well-being
Limburg, the Netherlands

Our 6-day intensive retreat program is open to those who want to enhance their inner growth, health and well-being or personal leadership through mind-body medicine. Blending therapy based on the healing power of nature with concepts, tools and techniques derived from cognitive-behavioral psychology, the program is restorative and comprehensive and offers the opportunity to align yourself with your nature, to re-align one’s life to one’s passions. The purpose of this work is to create a healthy state of mind in order to better deal with life challenges.

The program takes place in Limburg, The Netherlands. ‘Hoeve de Koningshof’ in Roerdalen will be our home for the week. The beauty of this area may enable you to find, restore and develop your personal inner connection with nature.

Hippocrates pointed to the value of understanding the connectedness between the healing power of the nature residing within us and the healing power of the nature surrounding us. We consider nature co-teacher in our programs and whenever appropriate will be outside to experience the magic beauty of the area.

This retreat week will be led by Barbara de Beukelaar MSc. Our staff has a rich educational and training background and varied experience in change and leadership programs for individuals and organizations as well as in working with people who are dealing with a crisis, like a potentially life-threatening illness. For more information about the teaching staff please check www.hekademos.org.

In its comprehensive approach our program integrates cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being; we address our wholeness as human beings. All that we teach is based on ancient knowledge and current medical and psychological scientific research. The focus is on learning self-help tools that decrease stress and emotional or physical pain and that increase happiness.

The program is a 6-day residential program and includes lectures, assignments, meditations, structured and unstructured experiences, exercises in working groups, and one-to-one meetings as desired. We empower and challenge ourselves through connecting deeply with our own nature and the nature that surrounds us. All that is offered is aimed at strengthening the underpinnings of effective personal growth and leadership through selfreflective learning, which deepens the connection with our authentic self. It is through more deeply connecting with our own nature that we can meet our fullest potential as leaders in our own lives and move to increased health and well-being.

Concepts addressed are: emotional competence and thought transformation - responsibility - change and resolving old issues - dealing with stressors - spiritual beliefs - living with hope and trust - inner wisdom/guidance - non attachment - and more. One learns how to think healthier, feel better and connect with surrounding and inner nature.

Although this program is open to everyone and focused on how to increase personal growth, we very much welcome those who are facing or who have healed from an illness. If one is currently dealing with an illness please know that the program supports people in whatever medical treatments they are already following, while offering an additional mind-body approach for mobilizing their own healing energy.

Participants are offered ways to impact their own health and wellbeing. Studies have shown that beliefs, attitudes and emotions can impact our health and the course of a disease. Healing does not always mean the body gets well or recurrence can be prevented. The program includes learning how to deal with the unknown, and how to create peace of mind around death and dying in order to live one’s life to the fullest today.

Training Program
Hekademos Foundation offers a training program to educate therapists, social workers, nurses, physicians, psychologists, coaches and volunteers in understanding the concepts of our Mind-Body Medicine programs. By offering training we hope to serve the community in two ways. First of all we wish to support professionals in their personal as well as professional life so they can work in good health themselves and enjoy a good quality of life. Secondly we offer professionals training and support in dealing with their patients/clients in a holistic and comprehensive way - with hope, camaraderie and compassion.

Participation in only one 6-day retreat session generates immense knowledge, insight and immediately applicable skills.
For those who, after having had this introductory session, desire to help their clients through mindbody medicine, we offer tailor-made training to meet the needs of the trainee. In addition, we offer a 2-year training program that can lead to certification as a Hekademos Mind-Body Practictioner. One will develop competencies in guiding clients through emotional distress and becoming well equipped to approach clients in a comprehensive way - including the emotional, cognitive, behavioral, social and spiritual aspects of our being.

If you are interested in training with us please contact us.

Schedule & Location
We will welcome you in Koningshof on Saturday between 14.00 and 16.00. There will be a short intake, dinner and an introductory evening program. Sunday through Wednesday, the morning program is from 9.00 until 12.00 and the afternoon program from 14.30 till 17.30. The teaching staff is available at any time during the day, ensuring that each participant receives personal attention. There may be evening programs. Since nature has an important role in the program one of our afternoon programs will be outside. We close on Thursday by 11.30.

The former farmhouse Koningshof has been rebuilt into a holiday home in 2014. The private exterior is spacious and colourful; one overviews green meadows, a fruit orchard and forest. Rooms are comfortable and provide two single boxspring beds. All rooms have private, ensuite bathrooms. Alcohol is not served on the premises. If you have any dietary requests, please send them to us together with your registration form.

The working language will be a mixture of English and Dutch to ensure that each and everyone can understand what is presented as well as express one’s self fully. The program book will be available in both languages.

Cost & Registration
Cost of the program is € 1.500,– per participant who attends for the first time. If you are dealing with or have healed from an illness we do advise you to bring a support person to the program. The cost for the support person is € 750,–. Included are lodging, three meals a day, selected drinks and snacks. Cost for those who are returning with us is € 1.250,– per participant. Cost for support person in this case € 575,–. Lodging, meals and selected drinks inclusive. At the time of registration, please pay € 350,– plus € 200,– for your support person. In case of a cancellation we will refund your full payment if someone can take your place. When cancellation is communicated less than four weeks before the start of the program ànd your place cannot be taken by someone else, the initial payment will unfortunately not be refunded. It is our policy to make the program available for anyone who believes can benefit from it. Please let us know if the price withholds you from participating. We will look into ways to be of financial support.

For further information or a registration form please contact:
+ 31 (0) 65477 38 95