Hekademos Foundation

The Hekademos Mind-Body Medicine Foundation is a social-profit organization that services those for whom illness is part of their lives. We do this by supporting individuals in creating awareness and implementing knowledge about the mind-body connection, our human nature and the healing power of the nature surrounding us.


We offer a comprehensive and restorative program for people whose lives have been touched by a life threatening illness - like cancer, blending therapy based on the healing power of nature with concepts, tools and techniques based on cognitive-behavioral therapy. The Hekademos Mind-Body programs support people in the treatments they are already following – offering an additional treatment.


In addition we train professionals and volunteers in our mind-body medicine program about how to establish an environment in which people facing an illness find themselves treated as a whole being with hopefullness and compassion.


Since we encountered broad interest in our program some of the retreat weeks are as well open to all those who want to enhance their inner growth, health and well-being and personal leadership. Especially for senior executives we have developed a separate leadership program. Over the years we have been delivering workshops and modules for in-company training.


The foundation offers training, counselling and education, and aims to support research and innovation in health care. Hekademos Stichting is a foundation and based in The Netherlands. With Bergplaas as our home base in South Africa, most programs in South Africa take place at this nature reserve. In the United States we are based in Tucson, Arizona. On invitation we work at other locations.