Hekademos Training Program

The Hekademos Foundation offers a train-the-trainer program to educate therapists, nurses, doctors, psychologists, social workers, coaches and volunteers in understanding the concepts of our Mind-Body Medicine Program. We aim to support professionals and volunteers in strengthening their own inner connection with nature and in applying the tools to themselves; we teach self-help tools that create and strengthen healthy states of mind that are helpful in doing their demanding work.


By offering training programs we hope to serve the community in two ways. First of all we wish to support professionals in their personal as well as professional life so they can work in good health themselves and enjoy a good quality of life. Secondly we hope to serve their clients who deal with an illness, by training others to serve them in a holistic and comprehensive way, with hope, camaraderie and compassion.


We teach professionals and volunteers ways to serve patients/cancer survivors that take into consideration the wholeness of their client's being - adressing mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual - with hope and compassion. The Hekademos Training Program is helpful in guiding clients through emotional distress so they can learn how to shift from unhealthy emotional states to healthier emotional states.


The Training Program covers a broad range of concepts such as:
Connecting with the healing power of nature; increasing vitality; learning tools based on cognitive behavioral therapy; utilizing healing imagery; supporting and balancing one's own needs with needs of others; dealing with stressors and meeting psychological needs; integrating life and illness/life and death; understanding the impact of psychoneuroimmunology.


The first part of training is attending a mind-body medicine program just for yourself, learning how to apply all the tools to yourself for a basic understanding of the program. It is crucial to know how to use the tools for one's self and to create and strengthen healthy beliefs about one's own life and death as well as about life, illness and death in general. Participating in one Hekademos Mind-Body Medicine Program is a very worthwhile introduction in mind-body medicine. However, if you want to continue training there are several options.


If you are interested in learning the process but you do not want to qualify as a Hekademos Mind-Body Counselor you are most welcome to attend more of our programs and staff will be available to you to support you in focussing on the areas of your interest.


If, after the first introductory program, you decide you do want to become a certified counsellor, you will be required to attend three mind-body programs as a trainee. There are assignments before as well as during each program. Since this training involves a process of personal growth and certification is competence based, the pace of training cannot be predicted. Before attending the 4th session you must have completed all assignments. You will be admitted to the 4th session of your training program when the staff has a reasonable expectation that you will pass the last session in an excellent manner and will be awarded certification.


Cost of training: the first program as a participant costs € 1.500,–. People living in South Africa pay ZAR 9.500. The costs of the three trainee sessions are € 1.250,– or ZAR 8.000 per session for those living in South Africa. Included are lodging and food/drinks. Travel costs excluded. There will be extra costs for a single room. These are set per program and depend on the location. Between training sessions, trainees are encouraged to consult with staff by telephone, email or skype.


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question regarding our training program!