Patricia Palmer Memorial Scholarship Fund

“An astonishing truth: Focused awareness and attention to feelings without judgment is always transforming – and always in a positive direction.”
                                                                   Quoted from Patricia’s email signature.

Our co-founder Dr. Patricia Palmer passed away December 24th 2015.

Patricia held a doctorate degree in counselling and for many years worked as a Psychotherapist; she was a counsellor and Director of the Counseling Center at the State University of New York and Director of Training at the Simonton Cancer Center. For over forty years she worked with people dealing with a life-threatening illness. After being diagnosed with cancer in 1985 she started to investigate all she could do herself in addition to regular medical treatment. She travelled all over the United States to talk to people who studied additional ways of treatment and implemented much of what she learned. In addition, because of her profession Patricia was familiar already with tools and techniques related to mind-body healing and was able to apply them to herself. After her recovery she was trained by Dr. O. Carl Simonton and joined his staff. Patricia was in the Peace Corps in Bulgaria after she closed her private practice and until her death she lived in Tucson, Arizona. Dedicated to help people who deal with illness and to pass on as much as possible of her knowledge and experience Patricia was committed to serving cancer survivors and training professionals through the programs of Hekademos Foundation.

Initiated by her family, the Patricia Palmer Memorial Scholarship Fund has been created to support those most in need to attend the Hekademos programs.

Patricia Palmer
In memory of Patricia Palmer