1st February - 6th February Tucson, Arizona

11th March - 29th April Amsterdam, The Netherlands
(7 wednesday afternoons - Dutch course)

19th - 24th June Zuid-Limburg, The Netherlands

29th November - 4th December Terschelling, The Netherlands
(main language Dutch)
Read more about this Uniting Mind-Body Retreat Program in the brochure.

Additional programs in November or December will be communicated later; please feel free to inquire at any time via info@hekademos.org .

The 2016 programs will be communicated the latest in November 2015. We plan to deliver open programs for respectively those who deal with a health issue as well as people with a more general interest in personal growth and healing; therapists/counselors in psychosocial care and others in the helping profession; and executive leaders. At the end of the year we will organize a retreat week open to anyone, but especially meant for those who return with us. On top of the open programs we deliver tailor-made incompany workshops and retreats.